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Africa is dynamic where none of the African countries is the same. All African countries do need their own approach as well their own country, region or custom specific feeds. Since the 60’s, Koudijs has been active in Africa. 'Regional sourcing' is very much applicable on many countries in Africa. Many countries are rich of raw materials like maize, soya, sorghum, cassava and so on. We believe that it is important to use these materials for local feed and food production instead of bringing all those materials from abroad.

Koudijs has therefore developed a wide portfolio of tailor made animal feed concentrates, premixes and complete feeds for our markets in Africa. These Koudijs products can be easily combined with the local sourced raw materials in order to produce a well balanced and high nutritional complete animal feed to boost the performance of African farmers. Currently we are active in almost all the African countries vai own productions, joint ventures and dealers with huge distribution networks in the countries.

We are always looking for reliable and strong partners to help further developing markets. Please contact one of our Export Managers Africa for more information about Koudijs in your region, for a distributorship or any other request.