Functional products

Keeping your animals healthy and productive in all circumstances

Additional security and support when it is needed

Often there are specific challenges or climatic conditions that could cause discomfort and a decline in productivity of the animals. Or you want to make sure to be ahead of the challenge and take care of additional security. Koudijs functional products are specifically designed to either mitigate adverse effects or give additional security to ensure your productivity remains optimal.  

Our functional products can be used to complete your product assortment

Our functional products are designed to protect, prevent and/or stimulate. They can be used as part of a feed formulation or separately, depending on the situation. We offer a complete range of Mycotoxin binders, topdressings to support fertility and lactation as well as premixes preventing heat stress. Please discuss with your Koudijs account manager or technical specialist which speciality would support you towards your goals. 


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Our Feed types

Each farm is different, requiring its own specific animal feed concept. The animals and their environment are key here.

Koudijs develops and produces nutritional products that are adapted to each stage of the animal’s life and are based on the individual farm situation and the farmer’s objectives. Our nutritional products range from: