Protecting the health of your animals

De-activate mycotoxins with Koudijs MycoGuard

Mycotoxins are naturally occurring substances found in raw materials and animal feed. Consumption of harmful levels of mycotoxins has a negative impact on production efficiency, animal welfare and ultimately a farm's financial performance. Mycotoxins in raw materials and feeds are very difficult to remove. That's why an effective de-activation strategy is required.

The Koudijs MycoGuard range

At Koudijs, we aim to support our customers with good feed and farm management. The use of mycotoxin binders is part of a total nutrition strategy in cases of mycotoxin contamination or increased risk of contaminated feed. The Koudijs MycoGuard range is carefully designed to de-activate mycotoxins and protect your animals.

The right solution for your situation

The MycoGuard range is an effective, comprehensive set of products that deliver the highest efficacy against frequently occurring mycotoxins. Extensive testing of multiple active ingredients has identified the most effective components for MycoGuard products.

Smart combinations of these components result in a range that offers optimal protection against the negative effects of mycotoxins. By selecting the most suitable MycoGuard product based on your situation and applying the right dosage, you can safeguard animals in a cost-effective way.

Get expert advice

Our specialists can advise and support you to determine the right approach for your specific situation. They can advise you on analysis of raw materials and feed if there is a high probability that mycotoxins are causing certain issues. By recommending a combination of optimal farming practises and the right application of MycoGuard products, you can maximise animal production and financial performance.

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