Dual breeds

Traditional poultry, often referred to as indigenous poultry are chicken that are healthy, easy to raise, and bred to thrive in the African climate. Dual purpose chicken can be raised for both egg production and for meat. Consumers like and value the unique color, taste and size of these traditional breeds.

Maria Saras-Johansson
Maria Saras-Johansson

Tasty meat and many eggs with Koudijs special mixings for indigenous poultry

We at Koudijs know that efficiency of the indigenous poultry is different from a layer or broiler chicken and which nutrition and circumstances are nessecary for optimal and efficient production. Therefore you obtain a fully optimized, custom mixing based on the available raw materials for your indigenous chicken. With these special mixings for the indigenous breeds you benefit from the increased efficiency of better nutrition as well as the advantages of using the indigenous breeds.

  • Better growth
  • Tastier meat
  • More eggs per bird
  • Better vitality and lower mortality
  • Less feed per finished bird
  • Less feed and better taste result in better revenues per bird


We have the answers to your question

Yes you can. Follow the mixing instructions according to age. Start to use the grower feed for all your chicks. As soon as the males are selected out, continue with layer feed for the hens.

No, not at all. Just take a bag of concentrate , follow the mixing instructions . You can even handmill your maize. This results in high quality nutritious layer feed.

Yes, you want to have to ensure your layers receive iptimal nutrition for tasty eggs. Don't miss out on production/ Always ensure enough feed is available in the feeder.