Good feed all we need

12 October 2021
5 minutes

As mentioned in the last newsletter, Koudijs prefers to find solutions by combining familiar and new raw materials.

New raw materials post weaning - pre weaning

When the results of a piglet feed trial with new RM composition are favourable for performance, health and manure, we also run a test in the farrowing house on intake and influence on transition from prestarter to weaning feed.

The table shows the results of a trial with a new raw material after weaning (piglets weaned at around 28 days). We measured interesting differences with this raw material which (partly) can substitute high quality soya products, not only with regard to performance but also manure consistency. More trials are currently in progress. We will share the results with you once we have all the data.

Eurotier 2018_Good feed all we need_Varkens_Biggen_Table_1.jpg

Lower cost price

Development of feed solutions with a focus on raw materials and production result in a lower cost price due to the simple fact that expensive specialties are not needed and leaving room for raw materials with nutritional value.