Marketing by product or assortment

19 October 2021
5 minutes

Many companies use a product-based market approach, which can be successful as long as the product fulfils market demand. Once the demand or quality changes, the life cycle of the product ends.

Concept or assortment marketing is a market approach which provides a more complete and sustainable response to the needs of the pig feed market. Both market approaches have pros and cons. In feed production with long term relationships, we have found that a focus on assortment is much more sustainable

How to start (re)building an assortment

It really helps if you start by asking yourselves:

  1. Why
  2. How
  3. What


  1. Why do we develop an assortment? The answer to this will clarify your goal, motive etc. This is particularly important with an assortment-based market approach. A client’s needs must be fulfilled by the WHY
  2. How do we do this? For example, working with an assortment based on intake norms with specialised advice, how to produce etc.
  3. What do we produce? (Raw materials, nutritional choices, marketing, etc.)

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Education is key

Education of the technical and sales team is key for success. The teams must not only know the technical details but also the background to the 3 steps (why, how, what).
The effectiveness of training very much depends on the form of your education. Using blended learning methods will boost this effectiveness. We experience good results with a mix of homework (preparation), presentations, cases, stable training, repeating, elaborating and discussing practical issues.

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