Optimal results for pig farming

Optimal results with high quality feed

Besides poultry and red meat, pigmeat is getting more and more popular. To produce the best quality pig meat for the lowest costs depends on mulitple factors: Good quality feed, good management, breeds and housing conditions. This will ensure the best revenue out from the pigs and happy customers buying and consuming the meat.

The Koudijs approach

Koudijs offers a range of pig feeds for young piglets, growers/fatteners and sows. The piglet feeds ensure high early growth and strong piglet development. The sow feed results in a better condition for the sows and more piglets per sow per year. The fatteners obtain a very efficient and sustainable growth in the finisher stage whith our fattener feeds. All feeds will bring you efficient farming operations and good revenues.

Quality pigfeed for profitable farming:

  • Based on extensive research and development
  • Worldwide knowledge translated into local solutions
  • Quality concentrates, optimized with more than 30 different ingredients
  • High quality ingredients, for optimal growth, feed intake and efficiency