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Aquacultrue is becoming increasingly importtant in supplying consumers with healthy food. Its highly efficiend food conversion ratio meets the growing demand among more conscious consumers for highly nutritious and healthy food. This incredible growht has only been possible due to the rapid increase in technical understanding involved with aquaculture production and feed requirements of the specific fish and shrimp species grown around the world.  

Aquaculture farmers focuses to obtain the best technical and economic results, which are achieved through good farm management and quality feeds. Koudijs Animal Nutrition has the knowledge and experience to support you with of a full quality aquafeed assortment that meets the requirements of your cultured species but also by offering on-farm technical support from dedicated aquaculture specialists.  


Each assortment is carefully formulated and manufactured around crucial Starter Feeds for your fry and fingerlings, Grower Feeds and Finisher Feeds and Broodstock feeds.

Koudijs offers complete feed assortments for a variety of species, including:

- Pangasius 
- Tilapia
- Vannamei (white leg) shrimp
- Barramundi / Asian sea bass
- Sturgeon
- Snakehead
- Common Carp 
- African Catfish

The successful approach to aqua farmers with superior quality fish- and shrimp feed has also opened up aquafeed export markets in Asia, Africa and countries in the Middle East. For all these regions  we are able to support aqua farmers in growing robust fish and shrimp with the best technical results. 


Gaining knowledge

Due to our extensive Research & Development Centre in Vietnam, Koudijs is able to contribute to sustainable and efficient ways of producing fish. Intense research on nutritional requirements of specific species and the different raw materials provides us the knowledge needed to formulate performing feeds. Vast outdoor ponds allow us to confirm obtained results under conditions similar to those experience by our customers.

Applying knowledge

All aquafeeds produced by Koudijs Animal Nutrition are designed following results obtained at the R&D center. As such we ensure the aquafeeds meet the requirements of the target aqua species and ensures that it meets customers performance demands. All raw materials are carefully selected to ensure maximum nutritional value during the complete rearing cycle of your fish or shrimp.

Sharing Knowledge

Koudijs prides itself in working together with our customers, providing not only aquafeeds giving robust, fast growing fish and shrimp with low FCR. More over, Koudijs offers technologies in the form of extruded floating feeds and aquaculture specialists visiting customers to support them in achieving their performance goals. This interaction guides our R&D programs ensuring farm and feed management that result in high feed efficiency and reduced risk of deteriorating water quality.

Quality & reliability

The production process for all our feeds are in in line with up to date certification. This means that all raw materials and critical control points are monitored to ensure that our feeds are of consistent quality.