MycoGuard Focus

Specifically designed to de-activate aflatoxins

MycoGuard Focus is specifically designed to de-activate aflatoxins, a commonly occurring type of mycotoxin which impairs the performance of your animals. Suitable for use in poultry, swine, ruminant and aqua feed, MycoGuard Focus reverses the negative effects of aflatoxin B1 on body weight and liver health.

Fully tested in the laboratory and on the farm, MycoGuard Focus is a mixture of both strong as well as fast adsorbing bentonite clays that ensure mycotoxins are captured quickly and stay immobilized during feed digestion.

  • Fast adsorption minimizes animals' exposure to aflatoxins

  • Strong adsorption ensures aflatoxins leave the digestive tract

  • Protects animal health and performance

  • Maximising animal performance

How does MycoGuard Focus work?

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MycoGuard Focus