We tailor our recipes to your needs

This is how our premixes support your results

Our premixes are designed to deliver optimal and consistent technical results. We apply the knowledge gained in our own feedmills and on our farms directly into the most suitable and cost effective products. Our premixes come accompanied by services that enable you to optimize your operations and increase your profits, ranging from nutritional advice, farm management solutions, raw material handling and storage and more.

Our premixes are thoroughly tested in the field

We are always looking for you to reach your production goals by continously investigating the market for new ingredients and effective additives. Before recommending their use we have intensively studied them in our own facilities and test farms. Due to our global presence in animal feed we are able to test a wide variety of new ingredients and quickly scale up novel solutions.

Producing a wide range of premixes to the highest quality standards

The premixes are produced in a dedicated, state-of- the- art premix plant, built to fulfill the highest quality standards known in the industry. The plant is fully automated with high quality equipment to ensure every bag to contain a homogenous premix with all nutrients as designed to your specific requirements.

Ingredients from trusted sources

Of all ingredients in our premixes the quality is carefully monitored through our QA professionals and teams. We work closely together with our ingredient suppliers to ensure each batch that enters our factory is in line with our quality standards. We are present in all important sourcing markets which helps us to ensure operations are running smoothly and response times are short. The quality of these premixes is an important contributor towards high and predictable growth and performance of the animals.