Our vision and mission

Optimal nutritional solutions and farming expertise

Apply our extensive knowledge to benefit your business

The nutritional and farming knowledge we generate from all over the world is translated into practical solutions by our experienced teams. Only high quality animal feed combined with the right knowledge and advice really helps to advance your business. Whether you are a livestock farmer or a feed miller or both, you will benefit in every way to grow your results. This is reflected in our company's vision and mission.

Our mission

As a family business in animal nutrition we provide a growing contribution towards sustainable production of safe and healthy food.

We do this by advancing our customers – the producers of meat, fish, milk, and eggs – and by continuously improving quality, transparency, and cooperation throughout the food production chain.

Our vision

Koudijs Animal Nutrition contributes towards the sustainable availability and accessibility of safe and healthy food worldwide. We do this with the utmost care for climate, environment, and animal welfare.

With our products, knowledge and experience we contribute to the development of the agricultural sector, the improvement of living conditions and economic development in the local communities in which we operate. We achieve this with involved and entrepreneurial employees, who continue to develop themselves. Together we take responsibility to realize our vision every day.

How it all started

The W Koudijs company was founded by the Koudijs family on January 1 1920 in Barneveld. Early 1928 the production of poultry feed was transferred to the ports of Rotterdam and around 1930 Koudijs started to operate internationally when the family took ownership of the Koudijs Futterfabriek B.K. A.G. in Germany.

Our pillars indicate the way we do our business

Through our products, knowledge, and experience, we help our customers, small and large farmers, integrations, and other feed producers all, over the world. Five unique characteristics describe our promise and our approach. They make us what we are: The driving force for progress.

We are entrepreneurs

Just like you, we are entrepreneurs. We actively seek opportunities to create value in the animal production chain. With great results. We understand what it takes to build a strong business. We take exchanging experience with other entrepreneurs seriously.

We offer quality

We control the quality of our products through the whole production & logistics chain. This way you can be sure that our products perform as you expect them to. We deliver what we promise, day in day out.

We offer performance

With an experienced team of a great number of professionals, working all over the world, we make sure you can convert raw materials into animal proteins as efficiently and sustainably as possible. Guaranteeing the best for your animals as well as your business.

We continue to improve

We encourage ourselves to do better every day. By seeking the best solution in every situation and applying the latest technologies, you can expect your business to grow more competitive every day.

We are independent

We set our own course. The way we work is based on our own experience and beliefs. We advise you based on your needs and interests and take pride in providing honest and sound advice. Because your success is crucial to ours.