Privacy Policy

In this Privacy Policy we explain how Koudijs Animal Nutrition, Chamber of Commerce number 16060651, registered office in Ede, the Netherlands, hereinafter referred to as ‘Koudijs’, collects and uses personal data. Koudijs thinks it is important that your personal information is handled confidentially and that the legislation relating to this is complied with. This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data we process in respect of you if you buy one of our products, purchase or use our services, visit our websites or social media platforms, use our mobile applications or if you are in contact with us in any other way. In this Privacy Policy we will explain how Koudijs processes your personal data.

1. What is personal data?

Personal data says something about you. This includes your name, address, date of birth or account number for example. Koudijs collects your personal data when you send a letter or email or contact our Customer Service for example. If you visit one of the websites of Koudijs or if you leave your information there, at one of the branches or with staff, you are also providing us with personal data. Personal data can also be collected in the context of a (potential) customer or a business relationship with Koudijs.

2. The types of personal data we process

2.1 General

We can collect and process the following personal data categories:

a) Name and other identity information We collect your name, form of address, gender, address, email address and specific information in the context of job applications via our recruitment pages (see 2.2) for example.

b) Your contact details and information about your personal account or registration Your contact data can include your address, telephone number and email address. If you register for a particular service or create a personal account, Koudijs may also record your login details and other information that you provide on the account or registration form. For customers, we also collect information about the company, such as the name, address, delivery address and place of business of the company.

c) Our communication with you If you send us an email or communicate with us online via social media, we register this and can register your communication preferences. If you subscribe or unsubscribe to one of our newsletters, for example, and your preference for newsletters you do, or do not want to receive. If you call us, our Customer Service enters your questions or complaints in our database.

d) Information we collect when you use our websites, apps and other digital media If you visit our websites or use one of our mobile apps, we can record your IP-address, browser type, operating system, referring website, surf behaviour, location and app use. We also collect information via cookies and comparable technologies when you visit our website or use our mobile apps. For more information about our Cookie Policy see our website or the mobile app you are using.

e) Information about social media Depending on your social networks settings, Koudijs can receive information from your social network provider. If you use a social media account to log into our services for example, we can receive your social-media profile, with contact details, interests and contact persons.

2.2 Specific information in the context of job applications

In the context of job applications, the following information can be requested: name, address, date of birth, email address, telephone number, motivation, LinkedIn profile, CV including information referred to in such, lists of marks, assessment forms (relating to previous internships or positions), references.

3. How we collect your data

Koudijs collects the above listed personal data categories in the following ways: We collect the data you provide to us.

  • If you buy a product from us, create an online account via, apply for a position online, download a white paper, subscribe to our emails, register for one of our events or participate in a promotional competition or campaign.
  • If you use our website or mobile apps, we collect information via cookies and comparable technologies. More information can be found in the Cookie Policy on our website or the mobile app you are using.
  • Depending on your social networks settings, we can also receive information from your social network provider.
  • Under specific conditions, we also share your personal data with these third parties (see point 5 ‘Providing access to or sharing your data with third parties’).

4. For what purpose do we collect your data?

Koudijs uses your personal data for the benefit of an efficient and effective business operation, delivery of products and services. We also use personal data for other purposes:

  • Koudijs processes personal data to carry out agreements and to maintain relationships with customers, suppliers and other relevant parties. For instance, Koudijs records the name and address details of a customer or its representatives and in the event of changes Koudijs amends the data. For this processing, Koudijs bases itself on the performance of an agreement or its legitimate interest respectively, as maintaining relationships is necessary in the context of normal business operations.
  • To be able to carry out marketing activities, Koudijs processes personal data of (potential) business relations, such as address details, email address, corporate and sector information and your visit to our website. Where necessary, personal data in this context is processed on the basis of consent. For direct marketing purposes, the personal data of business relations is processed on the basis of legitimate interest as these activities are considered to be part of the normal business operations of Koudijs.
  • For communication purposes, such as the provision of relevant information about products and/or services via a newsletter, the website, taking part in campaigns or competitions, social media, or otherwise and the provision of information relating to events for example, contact data of business relations may be processed. Prior consent is requested for providing information via a newsletter. Koudijs can also provide (financial) information to shareholders, analysists, the press and/or others who on the basis of consent have left their contact details with Koudijs for this purpose. For other communication purposes, the legitimate interests of Koudijs form the basis, as those activities relate to Koudijs’ normal business operations.
  • To be able to improve the service provision, personal data of customers, such as reports on the delivery of products and services, visit reports, business reports or technical (business and animal) results (including feed conversion data in combination with company number), are used for internal analyses and to be able to measure and improve product and business performance. The basis for this processing is legitimate interest as the processing is necessary in the context of Koudijs’ normal business operations. During job application procedures via the website or post, various personal information is provided (see point 2.2). On the basis of this data Koudijs is able to assess whether an applicant will be invited for an interview.
  • For administrative purposes and to comply with statutory obligations, invoice and payment data is processed, for example. The basis of this processing is the performance of an agreement.
  • To protect persons (such as visitors and staff), information, buildings and products, visitors to our locations are requested to leave their name and company details for example. The factories of Koudijs may use cctv. In this case personal data is often processed on the basis of the legitimate interest of Koudijs in security.
  • We can also use your personal data for: development and analysis purposes to improve the websites of Koudijs. For this we use your data such as IP-address, webpages visited, click and surfing behaviour, the internet browser used and the duration of a visit or session. Some of our online services and apps use your location, for example to show you the closest dealer location or specialist. The basis for this processing is legitimate interest. For more information about our Cookie Policy see our website or the mobile app you are using.

5. Providing access to or sharing your data with third parties

We will never sell your personal data to other parties. We do share your data with others if this is necessary for the performance of an agreement to which you are a party.

  • If this is obligatory on the basis of the law, a court order or an order from a competent supervisory body.
  • If you give permission to this end.
  • If Koudijs or a third party has a legitimate interest that justifies the sharing of the personal data.
  • If it is in the public interest.

Our websites and mobile apps contain links to third party websites. If you follow these links, you are leaving our websites or mobile apps. This Privacy Policy does not apply to the websites of those third parties.

6. Protection and retention

Koudijs has taken the necessary technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against loss or unlawful use. Koudijs has an information security policy and trains its staff in this field. Your personal data is retained for as long as required for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy or to the extent necessary to comply with the laws and regulations and to resolve disputes.

7. Your rights

Opt-in, opt-out, unsubscribe and the right to object.
Koudijs only sends emails and mobile push messages if you have opted in for this in advance. During your registration process, you can choose to opt out of marketing emails. You can opt out at any time of these marketing emails and the emails and mobile push messages relevant to you by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email, by adjusting your communication preferences in your account on mijndeheus, by adjusting your smartphone settings (for mobile push messages) or by contacting us (see point 6 for ‘Your rights’). If you opt out, you will still receive our purchase-related emails and service emails. You can object at any time against the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

By contacting our Privacy Officer you can rely on all rights you have in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation, including:

  • (1) the right to access your data,
  • (2) the right to rectification of your personal data,
  • (3) the right to erasure of your personal data,
  • (4) the right to restriction of the processing of your data,
  • (5) the right to data portability and
  • (6) the right to object to processing.

    You can withdraw your consent at any time by following the specific instructions in relation to the processing for which you provided your consent. Or you can contact our Privacy Officer via

8. How this Privacy Policy is maintained

This Privacy Policy came into force on 1 November 2018 and replaces our previous Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is regularly reviewed. The changes will be announced on the website and/or notified to you.

9. Questions?

Should you have questions or require information on the processing of your personal data or this Privacy Policy, you can send an email to