S. Suis approach

08 March 2021
5 minutes

S. Suis is one of the four big problems we have to deal with in piglet husbandry, S. Suis is a multifactorial disease for which there is no one simple solution or cure to be found.

How can we find a solution

In order to better understand the S.Suis problem, we mapped the processes in the piglet that increase sensitivity towards S. Suis.

Practical, effective and economical solution

We looked for nutritional solutions which help to avoid problems that enhance sensitivity towards S. Suis and that support the health and well-being of the piglet. This approach leads to pragmatic and effective solutions, that are more economical compared to a variety of products that have come on the market with promises they often do not deliver in the field. A presentation about the background of S. Suis, the processes in the piglet that increase sensitivity and the nutritional solutions to help prevent S. Suis is available to support a good discussion how to implement this in your assortment.