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Day old chicks

Galdus, our solution for day-old chicks

The first week of life is crucial for the further development of your broilers and layers. Koudijs has developed Galdus prestarter. This higly digestible complete prestarter feed (pellets) is used in almost all countries where Koudijs is active. In some countries it is even called 'magic feed', and with a reason.

Galdus is a highly nutritious 2.2 mm micro pellet prestarter for broilers and layers, with powerful innovative but purely natural characteristics to stimulate the bird’s strong early development. The prestarter feed is easy to eat and digest for the chicks, assuring a vigorous start to their growth.

Day-old chicks are fond of Galdus prestarter, and they will eat it from the moment they have arrived at your farm. In our product brochures you will find more specific information about the use of Galdus prestarter and the positive effects on your birds!


  • Stimulates strong early development
  • Easy to digest
  • Higher weight, immunity, flock uniformity and lower FCR at slaughter weight.

For basic information about our day-old chick feed solutions, please have a look at our brochure.