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Thanks to our parent company Royal De Heus, Koudijs has direct access to worldwide experience in fish feed. For many years already, our state-of-the-art production plants in Egypt, Vietnam and Poland have proven to produce outstanding quality fish feed that readily meets the local market needs in many countries.

In Vietnam, two dedicated fish feed plants are concentrating on the production of high-quality (extruded) feed for:

- Pangasius 
- Tilapia
- Prawn
- Snakehead
- Carp 
- Catfish

The production of sinking feed for Carp takes place in Poland. In 2017 we opened a brand-new production plant in Egypt that produces about 150,000 tonnes of fish feed for various species of fish, but primarily Tilapia, for the local Egyptian market.

All factories collaborate directly with the brand-new Royal De Heus Research & Development Centre in Vin Longh, Vietnam. With all this in-house knowledge and experience, Koudijs is able to contribute to the most sustainable and efficient way of producing fish.

The successful approach to aqua farmers with superior quality fish feed has also opened up export markets in Asian and African countries and countries in the Middle East. For all these regions with have developed a tailored solutions for the countryspecific and unique circumstances. Doing so, we are able to support aqua farmers in achieving the healthiest fish and the best technical results. 

Koudijs can help you to develop the feed solutions that will help your business to advance. We take in account your local circumstances, available raw materials, climate and other factors which might influence our choice of the right feed solution. We also deliver tailor-made feed solutions.