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Rearing calves

Rearing young dairy animals is an important job on the farm: do this successfully and it will be a strong foundation for future results. To achieve an optimal and healthy growth rate, the calves should be given the right kind of care and nutrition. Optimal production during lactation can only be assured if a calf reaches adulthood in optimal condition. 

Kaliber® Calf Rearing Plan

The Kaliber Calf Rearing Plan is a balanced, economical rearing plan developed by our experienced cattle department. This feeding concept will help your calves grow into well-developed heifers with calibre – hence ‘Kaliber’. 

The Kaliber Calf Rearing Plan is divided into 4 phases:

  • The Start Phase             0 - 5 months
  • The Youth Phase           5 - 8 months
  • The Puberty Phase       8 - 14 months
  • The Gestation Phase  14 - 24 months.

Kaliber refers to the relation between the height, weight and size of the animal. Kaliber is what we consider most important in the total development of the heifer. Koudijs aims for carcass development without a build-up of fat. ‘Kaliber’ is revealed in length, a long rib and body height. The spine and ribs should be visible.


  • sustainable dairy cows           
  • higher lifetime production        
  • lower rearing costs.



Rearing a calf is investing in your future. The rearing period determines the vitality of the calf. Before puberty, the calf will grow in size and in body capacity. Using a balanced diet will stimulate the right development of the calf and provide vitality. This is exactly what a modern farmer wants! To create strong and vital calves Koudijs offers a unique Milk replacer Koudalac.

To get known everything about our Koudalac, please have a look at our brochure.