Dairy Cows

Dairy farmers are most profitable when dairy cows have a problemless, high production during multiple lactations combined with the lowest possible cost price of feed. Koudijs has the knowledge and the feed solutions available to help you to design the optimal feed assortment suited to the dairy farmers in your area.

Marko Schuring
Manager Technical Support
Marko Schuring
Manager Technical Support

Know what your customers are feeding

A successful market approach is built on a robust nutritional foundation. This is where Koudijs can support you: with practical guidelines to grow from calf to a productive dairy cow. Plus balanced rations with respect for animal needs and environmental regulations. This enables you to design dairy feeds leading to increased profitability of your dairy farm customers.

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We have the answers to your question

Together with you we will make a thorough analysis where exactly the possibilities lye in improving the transition of the dairy cows. Next we'll find possible nutritional- and possibly managerial solutions for improvement and together decide upon changes. Often training of the sales team is needed to adapt and implement an improved concept; we are happy to do so!

Milk solids are highly related to rumen function and feeding the right balane between digestible protein and (glucogenic) energy. Because of our extensive research team and facilities we know which raw materials, and especially their interaction, lead to which effects so we can help you in a cost effective way to change milk solid levels.

To improve lifetime production of dairy cows many factors like health, fertility and feed efficiency play a role. Together with Koudijs experts the biggest potential improvement points will be detected and appropiate measures will be discussed.

Culling of cows in their first lactation is very expensive and not desired, so yes it is important to improve that. There can be many causes but often a poor quality of calf rearing is an important factor. Careful analysis needs to be done. Where are the biggest mistakes made and where can the biggest or fastest improvements been made. Our Koudijs experts are happy to discuss the possibilities to improve your rearing programm.

There is a lot of evidence, both in the scientific world as well s in the field, that by rearing the calves optimally you will get stronger dairy cows with a higher production in first lactation but also total life production. This reduces the rearing costs per kg milk produced strongly and therefor it has a strong correleation with overall profitability of a dairy farm. So it is an opportunity for you to make a difference for these customers.