Formulated to stimulate results and health

Our concentrates match your production capabilities

Our concentrates contain multiple essential nutrients that are required in low quantities in the complete feed. They are well-balanced combinations of these essential ingredients, carefully mixed. Depending on your own production capabilities and raw material availability & quality you have the choice on composition and incorporation level. Our concentrates contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phosphates, additives and proteins and are designed for optimal technical animal performance.

A recipe for smooth and efficient production of animal feed

With our concentrates we unburden your operation from purchasing, handling and stocking multiple ingredients. Reduce the occurence of ingredients reaching their shelf life before use and much less room for dosing and mixing errors. Plant efficiencies increase, working capital decreases and you produce consistent, high quality complete feeds.

Healthy piglets with piglet feed concentrates

Our piglet concentrates contain pretreated raw materials to stimulate digestion and health. For example we use pre-cleaned grains and select fibres that are specially treated to safeguard intestinal health.

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Our Feed types

Each farm is different, requiring its own specific animal feed concept. The animals and their environment are key here.

Koudijs develops and produces nutritional products that are adapted to each stage of the animal’s life and are based on the individual farm situation and the farmer’s objectives. Our nutritional products range from: