Nowadays layer farmers face many challenges. Different laying concepts in different housing systems, environmental footprint, animal welfare and variable feed- and egg prices. At Koudijs we know very well how to connect layer concepts, market conditons and performance of the birds to optimal nutrition.

Marnix van de Wetering
Specialist Poultry
Marnix van de Wetering
Specialist Poultry

Know what you are doing from day 1 till end of lay is key

To increase profitability on layer farms a very good technical performance of the layers is key. This requires a well designed layer feed portfolio for optimal rearing and subsequent laying performance. This can result in layers with a high laying persistency, producing first quality eggs with the optimal weight. At Koudijs we are happy to share our knowledge with you in finetuning your layer portfolio to obtain a higher profitability at layer farms.

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To obtain a good laying persistancy rearing is a critical element. Hens need to reach lay at the right weight with the right bodycomposition. At Koudijs we know how to do that in a most cost effective way. Due to our R&D and decades of experience we also know how to correct layers if they are off track. Once in lay together we can finetune your layer feed portfolio to make sure layers reach peak and stay there.

To reduce feed conversion we carefully need to analyze the situation. For example are some birds not producing? Are birds at a too low laying percentage, is the egg weight too low? Once figured out we can advice you the right nutritional- and management measurements to correct the situation. For advice on a specific situation, please contact our experts.

If eggs are not sellable, economic losses are big. Egg quality is therefore of key importance. Research on topics like factors influencing Haugh units, Calcium level in feeds, particle size and homogeneity, effect of organic trace elements, vitamin levels and optimal nutrition is continuously conducted. At Koudijs we know perfectly how to translate R&D and nutritional knowledge into practical solutions fitted to your local circumstances or market conditions.

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