Young Animal Feed

For the best start of your animals

The basis for healthy, productive animals

Our young animal feed are designed to support health and boost resistance to infections at the most vulnerable stage of their life. They combine the right distribution of all essentail nutrients with texture and taste that young animals In addition, our young animal nutrition facilitates the transition to a different diet and the challenges around weaning. The product ranges connect seamlessly to support development in each life phase.

Our specialists know how keep young animals healthy

Our specialists are specifcally trained to support the first life stages of your animals and can advise you of the best nutritional solutions to ensure smooth transition towards regular feeds.

Piglet feeds building a full assortment of solutions

Building your assortment of piglet feeds is based on the demands and challenges your farms encounter. Our piglet feed solutions cover the full range for all conditions, circumstances and challenges:

  1. Premixes - tailored to your raw materials and goals. Made in our premix factory designed to produce flexibly and safely.
  2. Concentrates - to supplement your raw materials for piglet feeds. Possibility for different mixing ratio's depending on requirements. 

Stimulating palatability for day old chicks with our starter feed Galdus

All necessary nutrients are included into every pellet for the best start and maximum growth of your chicks. The soft texture of the pellets of Koudijs Galdus Prestarter stimulates an early feed intake and gastrointestinal tract development. Resulting in healthy layers and well developing broilers. 

Dairy Calves

Giving the right attention to dairy calves is a strong foundation for future sucess. Healthy growth and development are supported by our products that are balanced to give the right nutrition at the right moment. Reach out to your Koudijs specialist to enquire after our feeding schedules, calf milk replacers and special calf starter feeds.

Our Feed types

Each farm is different, requiring its own specific animal feed concept. The animals and their environment are key here.

Koudijs develops and produces nutritional products that are adapted to each stage of the animal’s life and are based on the individual farm situation and the farmer’s objectives. Our nutritional products range from:  

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