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Beef cattle

A well-balanced ration is one of the main conditions to achieve good technical and economical results. What such rations look like depends on breed, type of animal, growth scheme, meat quality and slaughter weight. Roughage quality and use of several raw materials can influence the preferred addition of the total ration.

Feed and concentrate

To develop the best feeding solution, locally available raw materials and their prices are taken into account. In the Koudijs laboratory, your raw materials are analysed to determine the exact nutritional value. The next step is to formulate the feed recipe, for which we will also examine your specific situation and objectives. Finally, Koudijs nutritionists prepare a recipe that perfectly fits with your local raw materials.

All Koudijs products are developed to reach the following goals:

  • More intramuscular fat, so tender, tasty meat
  • Higher growth per day
  • Higher vitality

For more information about our beef feed solutions, please have a look at our brochure.