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Bert de Jong

22 June 2023
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The ability to tailor your feed to different farm situations helps you stand out from your competitors. For optimal results in the nursery and later in life, it is essential to use feeds that best match the piglets' needs. The situation on the farm determines the feed strategy and composition. However, manufacturing high-quality piglet feed requires a flexible process, specialized production techniques, specific raw materials, nutrients, additives, and in-depth knowledge.

Impact on production efficiency

The quality and consistency of piglet feed are heavily influenced by the production process. Factors such as grinding fineness, pelleting time, pellet size, manual dosing, and small production run all have an impact. Additionally, certain raw materials used in piglet feed, such as whey powder, are more difficult to process. Although weaning feed accounts for less than 2% of the overall volume of pig feed produced, it significantly impacts production efficiency.

Greater flexibility

Concentrates are often used for the production of piglet feeds to minimize the number of individual products required in a factory. However, they may not always provide the flexibility and cost efficiency you need. Most feed mills have raw materials and additives in stock, which means that a standard concentrate may not meet the requirements. To help feed millers in creating a high-quality feed range that caters to the diverse needs of piglets and optimizes the production process for maximum efficiency, we have developed Koudijs Nutrimix.

With Koudijs Nutrimix, you can create a flexible feed range that caters to the specific needs of piglets while optimizing your production process for maximum efficiency

Bert de Jong

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Tailor-made raw material mix

Koudijs Nutrimix is a tailor-made raw material mix that does not contain premixes, amino acids, or minerals. It offers the additional advantage of facilitating easy inclusion switching and provides greater flexibility when formulating a range of piglet feeds. Based on your requirements, production capabilities, and the ingredients you have in stock, we offer you the possibility to create a customized Nutrimix blend. You can choose to use one or several Nutrimix blends. By using different Nutrimix combinations, you can create different feed ranges. For example, ranges promoting feed intake, supporting intestinal health, or reducing costs by leveraging the piglet's health.

Producing feeds for other animal groups

Some ingredients may not be cost-efficient to purchase yourself because you only need a small quantity, have a limited shelf life, or require manual dosing. With Koudijs Nutrimix as a tailor-made solution, you have the flexibility to choose which raw materials are more economical to purchase directly and which ones you prefer to include in the Nutrimix. This allows you to streamline the number of ingredients, resulting in improved production efficiency and consistent feed composition. It can also mean more silos are available for storing raw materials for other types of animal feed.

Want to know more?

Based on our decades of experience in feed production, we can determine the most economical solution for your business. Our support enables you to provide an optimal and cost-effective piglet assortment, helping your customers achieve the best results. If you are interested in learning more about how Koudijs Nutrimix can benefit your business, please feel free to contact us.

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