Meet the premix and product support team

29 April 2024
4 minutes

High-quality premixes that produce predictable results are an important part of the Koudijs offering. Since the premix formulations department was established, it has grown from a single person to a team of six highly skilled people. They tell us about their approach to the market and how they deliver added value to customers.

Varied backgrounds and work

These premix experts have impressive and varied backgrounds, with qualifications in agriculture, animal husbandry, veterinary nursing, animal science and nutrition. In addition, most of them have years of experience in the animal feed business. So what drew them to Koudijs and the premix department? “I like the complexity of premix production,” says Marko Schuring. “Premix inclusion is only 0.5% to 1% of compound feed, but it’s essential for the animal. We have about 200 raw materials that we formulate in different ratios and this has an enormous impact on the animal’s health and growth.” Speaking of health and growth, Koudijs is a solid organisation which makes it an attractive prospect. “The company is growing and developing,” says Lonneke Verzuu. “The job here is very flexible with lots of opportunities to try new things.”

Reacting quickly

With short lines of communication, decisions are made fast at Koudijs. “We’re very close to the market, so we can respond quickly to customers,” says Madeleine de Groot. Everyone at the company works closely together and people are very open to ideas. “If you see a chance to make improvements or efficiency gains, you’re free to act,” says Lianne van Essen.

Wide-ranging responsibilities

With the flexible and diverse nature of the company, every day is different in the premix formulations department. “We’re at the centre of a global organisation,” explains Jan Lasterie. “We work with our factories, quality assurance, export managers, purchasing, finance, sales and animal specialists. We’re also involved in pricing and packaging.” Although the department spends a lot of time talking to internal and external customers, the work goes beyond formulation. “We’re responsible for all the documentation accompanying our finished premixes, concentrates and specialties,” Jan continues. “These include product specifications, labels, analysis certificates and safety data sheets.”

Dealing with changing legislation

Keeping product documentation up to date is a big challenge for the team because legislation governing animal feed is constantly evolving in both Europe and destination countries. The new Unique Formula identifier (UFI) legislation for products is a case in point. “From January, we are required to label our product safety data sheets with a 16-character code for most of our products.” Evelien te Brinke explains. To ensure that product documentation complies with the latest legislation, the team uses an advanced IT program that automatically updates documents every time a product changes. We also update our customers on new legislation or changes to existing regulations.  

“I like the complexity of premix production. Premix inclusion is only 0.5% to 1% of compound feed, but it’s essential for the animal.”

Marko Schuring

Manager Technical Support

Solution-focused approach

This response to changing legislation reflects Koudijs’ can-do mentality. A recent example of the team’s fast, solution-focused approach is the implementation of a new carrier in cost effective for the customers,” explains Evelien. Another example is the   buying several different premixes. Two of the formulations were very similar. So we sat down with the customer and discussed formulating a single premix that would meet their requirements. It was a very practical solution and a nice challenge for us to adjust the formulation.

Close interaction with the premix factory

Because Koudijs has around 200 raw materials, different inclusion rates and customers with varying requirements, almost every premix is different. “We have a great deal of knowledge about complete feed, premix and individual raw materials. So together with the people in our premix factory in Veghel we can make tailored products based on the customer’s requirements with the right product characteristics.” says Lonneke.