New at Koudijs - Dedicated Team for Single Ingredients

03 December 2023
2 minutes

To address the specific needs of our customers regarding the purchase of single ingredients, such as amino acids, Koudijs recently invested in a dedicated team for Single Ingredients. Single ingredients are often seen as commodities and are strongly price-driven; however, quality, registration, timely delivery, and supply chain reliability are of great importance for feed millers. At Koudijs, we have the expertise and experience to support this.

Benefit from global knowledge, experience and purchasing power

By leveraging the global knowledge, experience and infrastructure of our parent company, we can provide customers with single ingredients at a competitive price and reliable supply. Understanding the market and maintaining open communication is essential to making informed purchasing decisions. Our single ingredients team is in direct contact with our global purchasing department, including our team in China, which facilitates the easy exchange of market information.

Focus on amino acids

While we are open to all inquiries about single ingredients, we initially focus on amino acids. This choice of amino acids is logical because we see a significant demand for a reliable supply of quality products. Amino acids have a strong effect on the animal's performance, and therefore, quality and predictable results are very important. The Single Ingredients that we sell are used in our feed globally and have been extensively tested and evaluated for their effectiveness.

Leveraging our global expertise and infrastructure, we offer competitive pricing and a reliable supply of single ingredients through open communication and sharing market insights

André Kruiper

Manager Single Ingredients

Meet André Kruiper

André Kruiper recently joined Koudijs as Manager Single Ingredients. In this role, his primary focus is to assist customers in procuring single ingredients, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Additionally, he will provide vital market insights to support our customers in making informed decisions. He grew up in the agricultural sector, which has always been the guiding principle in his life. His studies, work experiences, and interests are all related to agriculture, combined with business. Long-term interaction with clients is what gives André energy.

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