Meet Jan Soede - Group Manager Innovation Premix & Specialties

21 February 2023
5 minutes

Identifying promising new ingredients that deliver proven value is the job of Jan Soede. With a team of four people, he works with experts to evaluate ingredients.

Rigorous testing

"My team develops innovative products, tools and services that support our customers in optimising their premixes, concentrates and compound feed," says Jan. We only use ingredients with a proven positive effect on animals so each one undergoes rigorous testing. "We conduct so-called expert field evaluations," explains Jan. "Here we do a deep dive into the market. We look at the available literature on an ingredient's mode of action and performance across species. We also conduct our own in vitro and in vivo tests. In addition, we evaluate existing suppliers as well as checking legislation and pricing."

Proven advice

This evaluation results in substantiated advice to product managers, partners and customers on how, when and where to use an ingredient. "We are looking for the biggest bang for your buck in terms of technical and economic performance along with stability over time," says Jan. What sets us apart is that we only offer an ingredient to customers once it's thoroughly trialled in our own compound feed and premixes.

We only use ingredients with a proven positive effect on animals so each one undergoes rigorous testing.

Opportunities for partnerships with our suppliers

Expert field evaluations also help Koudijs identify opportunities for strategic partnerships that go beyond transactional business. "We're looking for trustworthy partners that have proven themselves over time," says Jan. "They need to have interesting capabilities in terms of R&D and support. They also have to offer opportunities for co-development of new products, tools and services that will offer clear value to our customers."

Effective new products and tools

A recent example of successful partnership is the launch last year of the MycoGuard range of mycotoxin binders. "We started with an expert field evaluation that studied base ingredients and products for mycotoxin de-activation," says Jan. "We concluded that we could create effective products ourselves and selected a few strategic partners." Together they developed the MycoGuard range which is incorporated in Koudijs premixes and concentrates and is also available as standalone products. Another example of successful partnership is the use of near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) to determine the composition of macro ingredients and assess their quality. “With NIR, we have our own calibration lines that we developed ourselves," says Jan. "But we also have calibration lines developed by strategic partners and that we make available to our customers.

Expanding our knowledge

"Our suppliers have a lot of knowledge," continues Jan. "So when we form a strategic partnership, it not only allows us to co-create new products and tools, it also enables us to develop our own extensive knowledge about ingredients and additives and use that knowledge to benefit our customers."

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