When we sell premixes, it's all about your business

27 February 2023
4 minutes

Koudijs offers premixes that deliver predictable results. But our approach goes beyond simply selling products. Meet Reijer Oudendorp, Specialist Premix, and Ruud Kock, Account Manager for Central Europe and the Baltics. With their extensive experience in animal feed, they tell us how Koudijs collaborates with customers and suppliers to ensure that our premixes add value to your business.

Impact on complete feed is what counts

"Our aim is not only to supply the best-quality premixes but also to help our customers produce the best feed," says Reijer. "That's why we work closely with them to optimise their ranges." Premix is a small part of this. The fact that Koudijs is part of a big international feed mill company enables us to offer our customers a wide range of highly practical support. "Better results on the farm are what count," says Ruud.

Utilising our international knowledge and experience

Because Koudijs is part of a major global company producing 12 million tonnes of animal feed per year, we can leverage the organisation's independence and scale. "An example of this independence is our approach to additives," says Reijer. "We don't make these products ourselves, instead we select the best possible additives from the market and test them thoroughly for performance, stability and cost-effectiveness. In this way, we can give detailed, independent advice and offer a competitive price."

Customers have to be able to trust us so we tell them what goes into our products. This openness was critical in winning a major customer recently.

Flexibility combined with vision

Flexibility is another hallmark of Koudijs's approach to premixes. "Sometimes a customer will insist on a particular additive and we will supply it," says Ruud. "At the same time, we always give independent, objective advice. We have our own guidelines and standards. These are intended to reach an optimal result by mutually sharing knowledge and experience with customers in an open and transparent way in order to achieve genuine improvements."


Transparency is also important in how Koudijs communicates with customers. "We don't like black boxes," says Reijer. "Customers have to be able to trust us so we tell them what goes into our products." This openness was critical in winning a major customer recently. "We had several meetings together and they made the decision to buy from us based on the open discussion. The customer could trust that we weren't just looking to sell as much premix as possible, we wanted to optimise the quality of their complete feed formula," says Reijer.

Guaranteed quality and safety

Developing high-quality premixes requires the best possible raw materials and with ingredient production shifting eastward to countries like China, India and Korea, people may be concerned about quality and safety. "We are in direct contact with all our suppliers," says Ruud. "We audit their production facilities, test and monitor their products, and make solid agreements about quality, safety and price." And when ingredients arrive at Koudijs premix factories, nothing is left to chance. "We have, dare I say it, impressive intake controls and manufacture products in an ultra-modern and well equipped factory. The whole process is automated and controlled, and each ingredient can be tracked and traced at any point in production," says Reijer. "This allows us to give direct answers when there are questions and remarks. As a result, customers can trust that we're doing our job properly."

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