MycoGuard Multi

Effective de-activation of multiple mycotoxins

Commonly occurring mycotoxins like zearalenones, ochratoxins and aflatoxins pose a health risk to animals. MycoGuard Multi is a carefully formulated mixture that effectively captures and binds these mycotoxins. Its active ingredients consist of a specific yeast cell wall product which binds and consequently de-activates zearalenones and ochratoxins.

MycoGuard Multi also contains bentonite which further immobilizes zearalenones and ochratoxins and effectively de-activates aflatoxins. Fully tested in the laboratory and on the farm, MycoGuard Multi can be added to the diets of all species including poultry, swine, ruminants and aqua.

  • Effective binding of zearalenones, ochratoxins and aflatoxins

  • High efficacy thanks to a targeted approach to specific mycotoxins

  • Strong binding ensures deactivation throughout the entire digestive tract

  • A highly cost-effective de-activation solution

How does MycoGuard Multi work?

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MycoGuard Multi