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To ensure the best rearing results, high-quality piglet feed is required. One of the nutritional solutions we have developed is Romelko.

Romelko stands for the top segment of our piglet, pre-starters and high-quality weaning feeds. These feeds are specially developed for piglets from 5 days of age until after weaning. Romelko piglet feeds are produced in a specially equipped and dedicated factory on a separate production line. Highly digestible ingredients are used to give your piglets a better health and a smooth start. Thanks to the perfect taste, these feeds ensure a quick and easy adaptation to solid feed. As a result, the transition from sow milk to feed occurs with the least problems possible. 

Romelko ensure a quick and healthy growth of your piglets. A smooth start is a solid foundation for a good production. Because when your piglets do well, so do you!


  • Optimal conditions           
  • Higher feed intake        
  • Healthy piglets.